The Ultimate Hyper-Casual Guide With Unity


The Ultimate Hyper-Casual Guide With Unity

Learn How To Make Hyper Casual Games With Unity

What you’ll learn

  • Learn to code in C#, a powerful programming language, from scratch to hero.
  • Get experience using Unity 2019
  • Develop a Great Logic for Hyper-Casual Guide With Unity
  • Learn how object oriented programming works in practice.
  • Get experience using Unity Game Engine


  • Must have a Mac or PC capable of running Unity3D

Description – Hyper-Casual Guide With Unity

This is the most comprehensive online course for making Hyper Casual Games that will take you from beginner to creating your own Hyper Casual games in Unity Game Engine!

The course is completely project-based.

Starting things off very simple with learning Unity and C# from scratch, so if you are a complete beginner, don’t you worry I got you covered. You will learn C# from basic to advance topics in no time that will set you off to make games in it – Hyper-Casual Guide With Unity

The course is mostly focusing on being All Level course so if you are a beginner or intermediate game developer I will provide you with information that will teach you everything you need to know as a beginner and also teach you some advanced game development techniques. The structure of the course is starting with basic info and slowly progressing into more difficult as we progress with the course.

My idea for this course is to make it a single place that will have all the resources you need to learn how to create Hyper Casual Games using the Unity Game Engine.

By having a single course with all the resources it is much easier for me as an instructor to answer your questions so rest assured that you will have my full support while you are going through the course lectures. And it will be much easier for me to update the course on a regular basis.

I want to create this course to be the best learning resource for making Hyper Casual Games that I will upload more and more content based on your vote thus it will make it easier to have my full support – Hyper-Casual Guide With Unity

Some of the things you will learn in the course:

  • Unity’s interface
  • Importing Assets
  • Organizing the Project
  • Basic, Intermediate And Advanced C# Programming
  • Basic AI(Artificial Intelligence)
  • Advanced AI(Artificial Intelligence)
  • Sound FX – Hyper-Casual Guide With Unity
  • Learn How To Use Unity’s UI System
  • Create And Animate Menus
  • Level System (Lock/Unlock Levels)
  • Visible Level Progress
  • Random AI Names
  • Input Player Name

That And Much More Is Awaiting You In This Course – Hyper-Casual Guide With Unity

If You ever had an idea for an awesome game, then enroll in this course and learn the tools that you need to develop Your next hit game!!!

Enroll Now!! You Will Not Be Disappointed!!

Who this course is for:

  • Beginners Who Are Interested In Game Development.
  • Beginners With No Coding Experience
  • Anyone Looking To Learn Hyper-Casual Guide With Unity
  • Experienced Game Developers

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Last updated 3/2020


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