The Complete Drawing Masterclass: From Beginner To Advanced


The Complete Drawing Masterclass: From Beginner To Advanced

Apply the art and practice of the fundamental skill of drawing, to bring your drawings to life in our  course.


What you’ll learn

  • Draw everyday objects, people, animals, and scenes, using effective techniques.
  • Draw realistic and conceptual content, with appropriate light or value, shadow, texture, and form.

  • Learn gesture drawing, line and contour, structural, perspective, portrait, and more.

  • Apply specific drawing techniques such as cross contour, wipeout/reductive, block-in, and much more.
  • Learn and apply industry-standard drawing techniques.
  • Draw from imagination.
  • You can follow along with just a pencil, paper, and eraser, but tools such as vine and compressed charcoal, conté, kneaded eraser, chamois, blending stump, and ruler can be helpful. (Materials are explained near the beginning of course)
  • A willing attitude to learn and practice!


Welcome to the complete drawing masterclass! In this online  course, you will go from beginner to advanced, by learning in various drawing projects.

You will learn new drawing techniques, and build upon your  skills, to produce beautiful, amazing drawings.

This course is your opportunity to advance in your career, whether you work in animation, logo design, graphic design, architecture, fashion design, video game character design, or ANY field that uses visual storytelling, such as marketing, public speaking, and more.

Or, you simply want to draw for fun!

By the time you complete this drawing course, you will have produced a portfolio of amazing drawings, including professional landscape drawings, accurate portrait drawings, artistic still life , and much, much more.

Once you enroll in this course, you get:

  • Lifetime access to all of the content, including over 19 hours of on-demand, helpful video demonstrations and instruction.
  • Various PDF handouts and support files.
  • Access to our exclusive Drawing Club forum, for helpful feedback and critique from peers and me, the instructor of this course, Jonathan Simon.

The sections in this  course build upon each other, to help you master the art of drawing:

Gesture – You will quickly and easily learn the useful technique of gesture drawing, where we aim to capture the essence of subjects. Projects include  various objects, animals, and landscapes.

Drawing Materials – Next, after you get started, we go into more detail to explain various mark making, erasing, and blending techniques, as well as various tools. However, if you only have a pencil and paper, that is fine for the projects in this course.

Line and Contour Drawing – Learn various line  techniques, including contour, cross contour, and line, as well as various exercises to practice hand-eye coordination and the portrayal of form and outline.

Structural Drawing – Learn how to produce various shapes (e.g., cylinder, cone, cube) that can be used to build more complicated structures. Draw organic objects using structural , in order to draw a still life.

Tone or Value in Drawing – Learn how to add accurate lighting and shadows in , including various techniques, including hatching, cross-hatching, and reductive or wipe out techniques, to add form and depth.

Drawing in Perspective – Learn various ways to show depth in , such as chiaroscuro method, atmospheric perspective technique, and many more. Learn how to draw in one-point, two-point, and three-point perspective, for realistic perspective, so you can draw city scenes or other scenes from your imagination.

Block-In Drawing Method – This is the method that I learned after my BFA and MFA, from another artist. It’s the most requested drawing method I get from students. In this course, you will learn how to produce a detailed, rendered drawing of a still life, by using this technique.

Art and Science of Drawing Portraits – You will learn about the anatomy and structure of the eye and mouth before learning how to accurately draw them, either from imagination or from a subject. You will also learn how to draw a realistic nose, hair, and ears, before producing the final project in this course, a portrait. As you draw the portrait, you will apply various methods you have learned throughout the course, including gesture, line, block-in, structural , and applying tone or value.

Enroll now and get started producing amazing, beautiful drawings! We’ll see you in the course. There is a 30-day money-back guarantee, so if you don’t like the course, you can get a refund. But we know you’ll love this course, as you produce awesome drawings in this complete course.

Who this course is for:
  • Anyone wanting to learn to draw and get better at drawing!
  • Artists wanting to improve their skills.
  • Graphic designers, logo designers, and other design professionals wanting to improve their sketching and abilities.
  • People who want to draw for fun or people who want to add it to their work skills portfolio.
  • People who want to convey ideas quickly and easily, using visual communication.
Created by Chad Neuman, Ph.D., Jonathan Simon, BFA, MFA
Last updated 6/2019
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