Python Foundations for Data Analysis & Business Intelligence


Python Foundations for Data Analysis & Business Intelligence

Master the building blocks of base Python for data analysis & BI, with hands-on demos & unique, real-world projects!

Python Foundations for Data Analysis

What you’ll learn

  • Master the building blocks of base Python, including data types, variables, loops, functions and more
  • Learn how to use Jupyter Notebooks to write, manage, and comment your Python code
  • Analyze and manipulate numeric data, text strings, lists, tuples, dictionaries and sets
  • Explore raw data using conditional logic, nested loops, custom functions, and comprehensions
  • Use Python’s Openpyxl package to read & write data to Excel worksheets
  • Build solid, foundational Python skills for data analysis & business intelligence


  • No Python or programming experience required (we’ll cover everything you need to know!)
  • We’ll use Anaconda & Jupyter Notebooks (a free, user-friendly coding environment)


This is a hands-on, project-based course designed to help you master the core building blocks of Python for data analysis and business intelligence.

We’ll start by introducing the Python language and ecosystem, installing Anaconda and Jupyter Notebooks where we’ll write our first lines of code, and reviewing key Python data types and properties.

From there we’ll dive into foundational tools like variables, numeric and string operators, loops, custom functions, and more. You’ll learn how to create and manipulate raw data, define conditional logic, loop through iterables or indices, and extract values stored in a wide variety of data types including dictionaries, lists, tuples, and more.

Throughout the course you’ll play the role of a Data Analytics Intern for Maven Ski Shop, the world’s #1 store for skis, snowboards and winter gear. Using the skills you learn throughout the course, you’ll help the Maven team track inventory, pricing, and sales performance using your Python skills.


  • Why Python for Analytics?
    • Introduce the Python analytics ecosystem and why it’s the programming tool of choice for many data analysts
  • Jupyter Notebooks
    • Install Anaconda and create your first Jupyter Notebook, a user-friendly Python coding environment designed for data analysis
  • Python Data Types
    • Introduce native Python data types, common use cases, type conversion methods, and key concepts like iteration and mutability
  • Variables
    • Learn how to name and store values in memory using variables, as well as how to overwrite, delete and track them
  • Numeric Data
    • Learn how to work with numeric data, and use numeric functions to perform a range of arithmetic operations
  • Strings
    • Learn how to manipulate text via indexing and slicing, calculate string lengths, apply various string methods, and print f-strings to include variables
  • Conditional Logic – Python Foundations for Data Analysis

    • Learn how to use IF statements and Boolean operators to establish conditional logic and control the flow of your programs
  • Sequence Data Types
    • Learn how to create, modify, and nest lists, tuples, and ranges, all of which allow you to store many values within a single variable
  • Loops
    • Understand the logic behind For and While loops and learn how to refine loop logic and handle common errors
  • Dictionaries & Sets
    • Address the limitations of working with lists and explore common scenarios for using dictionaries and sets in their place
  • Functions
    • Learn how to create custom functions in Python to boost productivity, and how to import external functions stored in modules or packages
  • Manipulating Excel Sheets
    • Import the openpyxl package and manipulate data from an Excel worksheet using the Python skills you’ve learned throughout the course
  • Final Project
    • Import and manipulate data from an Excel workbook

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If you’re an Analyst, Data Scientist, or Business Intelligence professional looking to build a strong Python foundation and add powerful skills to your resume, this is the course for you!

Happy learning!

-Chris Bruehl (Python Expert & Lead Instructor, Maven Analytics)


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Who this course is for:

  • Analysts or BI professionals looking for a deep introduction to basic Python
  • Aspiring data scientists who want to build foundational Python programming skills
  • Anyone interested in learning one of the most popular open source programming languages in the world
  • Students looking to learn powerful, practical skills with hands-on projects and course demos

Created by Maven Analytics, Chris Bruehl

Last updated 05/2022
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