Microsoft Azure: From Zero to Hero – The Complete Guide


Microsoft Azure: From Zero to Hero - The Complete Guide

Become an Azure Expert! Learn to design and build modern cloud apps from a certified Azure Architect

Microsoft Azure: From Zero to Hero

What you’ll learn

  • What is the cloud and what it’s good for
  • Basic terminology of the cloud: Regions, Zones, etc.
  • Fundamentals of Microsoft Azure – Resource Groups, Storage Account, Budgets and more
  • Working with the Azure portal
  • Working with Azure Compute – Virtual Machines, App Services, AKS, Functions and more
  • Design and implementation of networking in Azure – VNets, Subnets, NSG, App Gateway and more
  • Data in Azure – Azure SQL, MySQL, CosmosDB, Storage and more
  • Messaging in Azure using Queues, Event Grid, Service Bus and Event Hubs
  • Managing authentication using Azure AD
  • How to secure your apps in Azure
  • Designing disaster recovery strategy
  • Manage costs in Azure
  • Architecting applications for Azure
  • How to migrate existing applications to Azure


  • Some development knowledge – doesn’t matter in which language
  • No prior cloud knowledge or experience is required 🙂


Learn Microsoft Azure from a certified, experienced Azure Architect.

*** One of the fastest selling Azure courses on Udemy! *** (See what students of this course are saying about it later on this page)

[April 2022 Update] Major update including the new Networking experience, complete overhaul of AKS and lots more.

Microsoft Azure is one of the most popular public clouds in the industry, and it gets bigger and bigger by the day. Thousands of organizations, from all sizes and shapes, are moving to the cloud, and being able to work with it is one of the most important skills for every developer, architect, or IT admin.

And this course does just that.

If you’ll take this course, you’ll become a real expert in Microsoft Azure.

We start from the very basics – what is the cloud and what it’s good for – and go to the most advanced concepts such as Azure Policy, Cost management, and lots more.

By the end of this course you’ll be familiar with the major services in Azure, and also some real hidden gems known only to the few (Azure IMDS, for instance), and you’ll be able to work with Azure and design and build modern cloud apps, utilizing the most up-to-date cloud services.

Here is a partial list of what we’ll talk about in this course:

– What is the cloud

– Azure vs other clouds

– The Azure portal

– Azure Compute – Virtual Machines, App Services, AKS, Azure Functions and more

– Azure Networking – VNets, Subnets, NSG, Application Gateway and more

– Data in Azure – Azure SQL, CosmosDB, Azure MySQL, Storage Account and more

– Messaging in Azure – Event Grid, Queues, Service Bus, Event Hubs

– Azure Active Directory (also known as Azure AD)

– Logging and Monitoring in Azure

– Securing systems in Azure

– Cost Management – Microsoft Azure: From Zero to Hero

– Disaster Recovery (DR)

And lots and lots more…

Now, to make sure that this course is the best Azure course out there, I’ve decided to make it a little bit different.

Instead of going through the various features of Azure, talking about each one and perhaps even doing a demo – this course takes a different approach.

We’re going to build, together, a full blown modern cloud system on Azure.

Together, we’re going to build the readit website, a fictional bookstore that’s built in Azure.

We’re going to begin with the very basics – take a code and put it on a virtual machine in the cloud.

And then we’re going to add more compute elements, add networking, databases, messaging, monitoring, security, and even DR! (Take a look at the video preview – you can see there the architecture diagram of the system at the beginning, and how it looks like when we’re done with it. Worth watching…)

And when we’re done – you’ll be able to say that you’ve built a complete system in Azure!

This is something you can show future employers and clients, and explain them how the system is designed, and what are the reasons it’s built like this.

Now, don’t worry about the code. Everything it going to be provided to you.

The system is built using .NET Core and nodeJS, but you don’t have to be familiar with these languages, you just better have some development knowledge.

There is no other course like this!

This is the only Azure course that takes you step-by-step towards a complete, full blown system in the cloud. At the end of it – you can definitely call yourself Azure Expert.

But that’s not all…

At the end of this course, you’ll be able to download the Azure Architecture Summary, a comprehensive, step-by-step guide that summarizes what we’ve learned in the course, and that will help you design great Azure apps.

This summary is an extremely handy doc to use when designing future Azure apps. I use it and it helps me a lot – and so should you…

This course takes you from the absolute basics of Azure to the most advanced topics, known only to few. Completing this course will give you all the knowledge required for designing modern, robust, secure and reliable cloud systems, and, as a bonus, will put you in a great position when looking for your next job.

No other course covers this topic in such a comprehensive and thorough way. I’ve put all my 20+ years of experience with hundreds of clients in this course, and I’m sure you will greatly benefit from it.


What do my students have to say about this course?


“This is the best Azure course I have encountered on Udemy or anywhere. And I say this after buying 8 different Udemy Azure before” – Arbaaz

One of the best Azure classes in the world” – Kkvi1357

One of the best courses I’ve done at Udemy – top among maybe 50-100″ – Russ

Memi is a true architect willing to get his hands dirty!” – Kevon

Excellent” – Ashwani

Highly recommended” – Shashank

“I am loving it <3 the best part is the project based learning !” – Juhi

The best course I have taken on Udemy” – Eslam

And lots more…


Who is this course for?


Any person who is involved in Software Architecture & development, even system analysts, can profit from this course.

That includes:

– Software Architects

– Junior developers

– Senior developers

– Architects

– Anyone who is interested in the cloud

If you’re not sure if this course is for you – drop me a note!


What are the prerequisites for this course?


It’s a good idea to have some basic knowledge about software development, but it’s not a must.

In any case, you don’t have to have any prior knowledge of the cloud in general, and specifically of Azure!


About Me


I’ve been working on Azure for more than 9 years, spanning dozens of customers from various fields – Fortune 100 enterprises, start-ups, govt. entities, defense, telco, banking, and lots more – Microsoft Azure: From Zero to Hero

In addition, I am a certified Azure Solutions Architect Expert.

I’ve been in the software industry for more than 20 years, and a Software Architect for more than 17 years, working with a variety of clients.

I’m an avid speaker and trainer, having trained thousands of students in various courses.

I love what I do, and my greatest passion (well, besides my family…) is designing modern, practical, and reliable cloud systems for my clients, using the best possible architecture patterns and services.

Who this course is for:

  • Software Architects
  • Developers
  • IT Admins
  • DevOps experts
  • System Analysts
  • Anyone who wants to learn about Microsoft Azure 🙂

Created by Memi Lavi

Last updated 07/2022
English [Auto]


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