Laravel 8.X e-commerce VS React JS e-commerce with Paypal


Laravel 8.X e-commerce VS React JS e-commerce with Paypal

Learn the basics of ReactJS, Laravel and build a web application with PayPal API from scratch.

Laravel 8.X e-commerce

What you’ll learn

  • How to install Laravel
  • How to create and configure a project with Laravel
  • Notions On Routes in Laravel
  • How to create the controllers with Laravel
  • How to connect the database with Laravel
  • Notions on models and migrations with Laravel
  • The basics of the ReactJS library.
  • How to create a CRUD application with ReactJS.
  • How to create an online shopping with ReactJS using the PayPal API.
  • How to make ReactJS interact with mongoDB


  • POO and PHP
  • Stable internet connection
  • Knowledge of basic notions of javascript. If not, just have the passion and motivation to learn ReactJS
  • Have a stable internet connection


1: Laravel e-commerce

In this course, we will learn from scratch and step by step how to create a complete e-commerce web application with PayPal.

We will learn:

  1. How to create and visualize products, product categories, sliders;
  2. How to select a product by category;
  3. How to add products to the cart – Laravel 8.X e-commerce
  4. How to update the item’s quantity and how to remove items from the cart;
  5. How to customize the payment form for online payment with the PayPal API;
  6. How to record and view customer orders; How to export sales orders from Laravel to PDF.
  7. How to automatically send the customer an email containing his orders after purchase.

In this course, we will learn from scratch, step by step, the basics of Laravel. We are going to code with Laravel 7.X but we will make the different comparisons between Laravel 7.X and Laravel 8.X.

We will learn:

  1. On setting up a Laravel project. We will see in great detail how to set up a Laravel project;
  2. The Model View Controller concept;
  3. The Basic Routing;
  4. With much more details on the Controllers (extending between models and views);
  5. How to use the Blade templating template in a Laravel project. Which has the role of being able to avoid the reuse of similar HTML codes;
  6. With much more detail on models and migrations;
  7. Laravel Collective is a form system clean for Laravel.

2:  React JS E-commerce – Laravel 8.X e-commerce

In this course, we will learn from scratch the basics of ReactJS and then create two projects, one of which will focus on creating a CRUD (Create Read Update Delete) application and the other on the creation of an online store with the PayPal API.

With that, the points described in the following lines show the different basics that we will learn about the ReactJS library.

We will talk about – Laravel 8.X e-commerce

  1. Babel and Le JSX;
  2. The components;
  3. The component within a component;
  4. Passing information from a parent component to a child component;
  5. The conditions in Reacjs;
  6. How to store data in states with ReactJS;
  7. How to use CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) in ReactJs;
  8. How to use “inline CSS” (Cascading Style Sheet) with ReactJS;
  9. How to use the “external CSS” (Cascading Style Sheet) with ReactJS;
  10. How to use the “CSS module” (Cascading Style Sheet) with ReactJS;
  11. The different phases (mounting phase, update phase, and unmounting phase) of a component’s life cycle with ReactJS;
  12. Events in ReactJS;

The second part of our course will focus on creating a CRUD application with local storage. We will have to learn about:

  1. How to delete data in states with ReactJS;
  2. How to add data to states with ReactJS;
  3. How to display data in states with ReactJS;
  4. How to update data in states with ReactJS;

The third and last part of our course will be on realizing an online shopping cart with the PayPal API.

Who this course is for:

  • PHP Developer
  • Web developers who want to take their skills to the next level
  • Web / Software Developers who want to learn Laravel
  • Web developers of all levels.
  • Developers.

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Last updated 6/2021
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