iOS Masterclass: Build An iOS AppStore-Quality App In Swift


iOS Masterclass: Build An iOS AppStore-Quality App In Swift

Created by iOSBFree. Taught by iOS professionals. Build An iOS AppStore-Quality App to an iOS industry-standard. Xcode

Build An iOS AppStore-Quality App In Swift

What you’ll learn

  • The 6 Coding Principles used in iOS
  • Build iOS industry-quality Xcode Projects
  • Build AppStore-quality apps
  • use Layered Architecture
  • Separating UI from business logic (like professionals)
  • Professional ways of thinking
  • Build an app like a professional – taught by a professional
  • Great architectural and structural decision-making
  • Unit testing
  • Black-box testing
  • Write understandable code
  • Write maintainable code
  • Adopt the style of a professional
  • Separating responsibilities
  • BOOST your career forwards by writing structured code


  • Basic iOS knowledge & experience
  • Basic Swift-language knowledge
  • Xcode 13 (filmed on 13.2.1)


Become An iOS Professional With Swift In One Course

Create a new Swift iOS Xcode project and mould it into an AppStore-quality iOS app! Our ‘123 Calc’ iOS app is available on AppStore now. Just search for ‘123 Calc’ and download it to see what you’ll B building with iOSBFree – an easy way to an iOS Swift Career building professional Xcode apps.


Our instructor Matt, has 13 years of iOS experience and created the world’s first iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch apps. Now, he dedicates his time to recording iOS & Swift courses for iOSBFree (pronounced “iOS Be Free”).

In This iOS Swift Course

1. We introduce the concept of structuring your iOS Swift Xcode project to a professional level. Our Xcode project will adhere to an industry-grade standard (You wont find this anywhere else on Udemy!)

2. We teach how (and why) to layer your project into separate layers, known as layered architecture and is a mandatory coding practice for any iOS development job role.

3. We teach ‘The 6 Coding Principles’ used within the iOS industry, which any serious iOS developer MUST LEARN.

4. Build an iOS Swift AppStore-quality app (iPhone app).

5. Taught by one of the most experienced iOS developers in the world.

iOS Swift Learning Objectives

✔️ Structure Xcode project files (e.g. classes & structs) to an iOS industry-level standard
✔️ Organise the Xcode project to an iOS industry-level standard
✔️ Structure iOS code using layered architecture (a MUST in the industry)
✔️ Create an iOS app in Swift within Xcode
✔️ Create an iOS AppStore-quality mobile app (ours is available on the AppStore now)
✔️ To separate behaviours into independent .Swift files (e.g. classes & structs)
✔️ Learn ‘The 6 Coding Principles’ every iOS developer MUST understand to reach the top of their iOS career
✔️ Learn to think as an iOS engineer and not just a coder!

What Is An iOS Industry Standard?

An iOS industry-standard means writing Swift code and structuring your iOS files to the same level of quality as the professionals who work within the iOS industry. If you are serious about working within the iOS industry or want to enhance your mobile app career then you need to work to a high standard and learn from the professionals.

Xcode Sample Code (.swift files, .xcodeproj files, images too)

Xcode sample code is always included and attached to each video. We provide 2 Xcode projects. One for the beginning of the video and another for the end to include all the changes we have made. We also supply the finished AppStore-ready Xcode project at the beginning of the course.

This iOS & Swift Course Is Paid

This iOS & Swift course is paid for and helps us create more FREE content for our iOS students. We also supply FREE iOS career-building Career Guides on our website. FREE editable CV Templates used to earn 6 figures. FREE online iOS articles discussing the iOS industry and FREE online Swift courses providing unparalleled  foundational knowledge you wont find anywhere else. By purchasing this iOS & Swift masterclass course you are helping others learn iOS too.
Thank you so much for your support.

Our Service (iOSBFree Ltd) To Mobile App Developers

We are a unique iOS career-building service sharing over 14 years of successful experience shaping the mobile-app and iOS industry into what it is today. Our unique information, point-of-view and service can be utilised to build highly successful and profitable careers in iOS.

A Career In iOS Building Mobile Apps

iOS developers are the most sought after developers in the world! They can earn over £100,000 per year, work remotely and B in high demand for their mobile app skills! Subscribe to our YouTube channel and let us reveal all of our insider secrets completely for free.

What We Teach (Mobile iOS Apps, Swift, Xcode)

Career building, CV writing, interviewing skills, iOS industry secrets, iOS industry stories, real-life experience, iOS fundamentals, ARC memory management, Swift, Xcode & iOS architecture and best engineering practices.

Please show your support by enrolling in our course!

The Instructor

Check out our Instructor profile (just briefly) and glance over Matt’s incredible unparalleled iOS experience. After 14 years of specialising in iOS (and only iOS), he created a company helping people build their own successful and profitable careers in iOS too.

Our unique information cannot be found anywhere else on any platform. We teach code, syntax and architecture but also provide tried & tested strategies to BOOST your iOS mobile app career forwards and build a better future!

Want To Learn More iOS Topics?

Please send us an email with the mobile app related topic you’d like to learn and we’ll happily record, edit and publish it for you. Absolutely for free. Simply email [email protected] with the subject heading, “iOS Topic I Want To Learn”.

First In The World

Not only is our instructor one of the first iOS developers in the world, but our service is also the first of its kind in the world!
iOSBFree is a truly unique one-of-a-kind service. There is no single other service offering Matt’s level of experience in any other coding course, software engineering tutorial, or career-building service anywhere in the world – Build An iOS AppStore-Quality App In Swift

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Much love.
The iOSBFree team.
Build a profitable iOS mobile app career with iOSBFree!

Let’s build some great swift apps together using Xcode, Swift, SwiftUI, Apple watch, UIKit, iPad, TVos, macos and all of the amazing Apple frameworks that are available.

Who this course is for:

  • Junior iOS developers
  • People who want a successful and profitable career in iOS
  • Developers who want to learn professional-quality architecture from the beginning of their career
  • People wanting to specialise in iOS (earning big salaries)

Created by Matt Harding (iOS Consultant)

Last updated 04/2022
English [Auto]

Size: 12.52GB


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