Introducing Windows Copilot: Microsoft’s New AI-Powered Personal Assistant in Windows 11

Introducing Windows Copilot: Microsoft's New AI-Powered Personal Assistant in Windows 11

This year, Microsoft has set its sights squarely on the future of artificial intelligence, with its integration of GPT-4 powered Bing AI into Windows 11, creating the new Windows Copilot.

This significant step forward was announced at their Build Developer Conference, a year that saw a considerable emphasis placed on AI developments.

Windows Copilot is Microsoft’s latest offering, bringing the power of Bing AI directly into the operating system of Windows 11 as a ‘personal assistant’. This integration will empower users to harness the capabilities of generative AI directly from their personal computers. Windows Copilot is designed to assist in locating and altering Windows settings, navigating the operating system, and interacting with native applications like Clipboard. Furthermore, it includes a chat feature where users can ask questions just like they would in Bing Chat.

Notably, Windows Copilot doesn’t aim to supplant the existing search feature in Windows 11 but rather exists as an independent tool located on the Windows taskbar. This decision comes after Bing’s integration into the taskbar, which essentially provides a shortcut to its web version.

Once activated, Windows Copilot enhances user workflow by operating as a sidebar that runs consistently, ready to provide assistance when needed. For instance, if a user copies and pastes content onto their clipboard, they can request the Copilot to rewrite, summarize, or elucidate the content. Similarly, the tool can be utilized to modify Windows settings following prompts such as “adjust the brightness of my screen for better focus.”

Microsoft also has plans to enrich the Windows Store with new AI features and experiences. Developers will be provided with first and third-party ChatGPT plugins through Bing AI, fostering a climate that encourages the creation and integration of apps within Windows Copilot. To boost developer productivity on Windows, the company is introducing Dev Home. Further emphasizing its commitment to AI, Microsoft is also facilitating AI development across Windows 11 with the Hybrid AI loop and enabling chip support from major industry players such as AMD, Intel, Nvidia, and Qualcomm, in conjunction with Azure to client service.

Microsoft has announced that Bing AI, accompanied by ChatGPT plugins, will be available for preview in June for Windows 11. Developers interested in creating experiences using plugins for Bing AI Copilot for Windows 11 are invited to sign up.