Instagram Takes on Twitter: Unveiling Meta’s New Text-Centric Social App

Instagram Takes on Twitter: Unveiling Meta's New Text-Centric Social App

Meta-owned Instagram is reportedly preparing to debut a new text-centric application to rival Twitter, according to recent revelations.

The impending launch indicates the platform is nearing completion, with evidence supporting its imminent introduction.

Lia Haberman’s ICYMI newsletter disclosed that Meta has been discreetly organizing meetings with select creators to discuss its innovative, text-based application. The endeavor has been cloaked under various codenames, including ‘P2,’ ‘Project 92,’ and ‘Barcelona.’

As shared by an invited creator, the application will take cues from Twitter’s foundational framework but will embody Instagram’s aesthetic appeal. Users will be able to access the app using their existing Instagram credentials. Importantly, user data such as followers, bio, verification status, and username will seamlessly transition from Instagram. Instagram aims to create a decentralized application, enabling users from platforms like Mastodon to search for and engage with your account.

The app will offer an array of engagement features such as text posts of up to 500 characters, photo sharing, link attachments, and video uploads of up to five minutes. It will also support engagement through likes, reposts, and replies. The application aims to ensure user safety and control, with functionalities to block, report, and manage replies and mentions. Notably, all blocked accounts and hidden words on Instagram will also be reflected in the new application. Furthermore, the Instagram Community Guidelines will be applicable on this new platform.

Monetization strategies for creators on this app are yet to be revealed. According to the creator, Instagram’s text-based application could be released by the end of June. While there is no official confirmation yet, it remains uncertain how the app will be received by users and whether it can effectively rival existing platforms like Twitter. As more details emerge, these queries should be addressed. Hence, stay tuned for more updates and feel free to share your thoughts on this upcoming revelation.