Hardening Ubuntu Server


Hardening Ubuntu Server

Secure your Ubuntu Linux Server

Hardening Ubuntu Server

What you’ll learn

  • Harden Ubuntu Linux Server
  • Secure User Accounts
  • Configure Firewalls
  • Setting Password Requirements


  • No prior knowledge required


This is a beginners course that teaches you how to harden your Ubuntu Linux Server. It is aimed at total beginners and teaches you how to setup Ubuntu Linux Server, how to secure user accounts, how to lock down accounts, how to hack into a server and and how to setup password rules and a firewall.

If you want to run your own Ubuntu Linux Server and want to do so securely, this course is for you. It teaches you the basics of setting up a secure Ubuntu Server. Besides the videos, there are additional notes with all the commands so you can either copy and paste them or retype them easily or look them up when you need to.

Sure, you can find lots of information on blogs but you’d have to go through a lot of random blogs and whose to say that the writer of the blog is giving you recent configuration advice? In this course all of it is nicely packed together. You will learn the basics of setting up a secure ubuntu server.

If you want to run your own (Ubuntu) Servers then this course is for you. Regardless of whether you have no experience, if you are a sysadmin, developer or anything in between. It is a Cyber Security course and not a Hacking course, but it does contain an example of how your server might be hacked.

Who this course is for:

  • Beginner Linux Sysadmins
  • Cyber Security Professionals
  • Devops

Created by Peter A

Last updated 07/2022
English [Auto]


Size: 444MB



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