Gatsby.js Tutorial and Projects Course with AWS GraphQL


Gatsby.js Tutorial and Projects Course with AWS GraphQL

Create Blazingly Fast Websites with latest version of Gatsby.js

What you’ll learn in Gatsby and AWS GraphQL Course

  • Learn Gatsby
  • Build Awesome Projects
  • Build Blazingly Fast Websites
  • Become Better React Developer


  • Basic Knowledge of React


Gatsby is a React-based, AWS GraphQL powered static site generator. It combines together the best parts of React, webpack, react-router, AWS GraphQL, and other front end tools to provide excellent developer experience. Gatsby is far more than typical static site generator though. You can think of it more like a modern front-end  framework.

It uses powerful pre-configuration to build a website that uses only static files for incredibly fast page loads, service workers, code splitting, server side rendering, smart image loading, asset optimization, and data prefetching.

The course will consist of two parts. In the first part, the tutorial part  we will cover Gatsby basics, and in the second part, projects part, we will build interesting projects using Gatsby.

All project intro videos are available for preview.

With the new Gatsby create blazing fast web experiences that integrate your favorite services and content. Build e-commerce sites, landing pages, blogs and more in minutes.

Go from idea to production in literal minutes with a 10x developer experience. Gatsby is built on popular, proven tech like React and AWS GraphQL, has loads of tutorials and starter templates, and over 2500 plugins that can help integrate all of your favorite web services.

Gatsby loads only critical 1 parts of the page, exactly when the visitor needs it, and not a second sooner. Once loaded, Gatsby prefetches resources 2 for other pages so that clicking on the site feels buttery smooth and responsive. Everything is statically generated at runtime – so your site loads as fast as possible.

Who this course is for:

  • Everyone Interested in Building Blazingly Fast Static Websites With Gatsby

Created by John Smilga
Last updated 07/2022
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