Free RDP for GFC Family

We are glad to announce our advertising partner is one of the leading RDP Hosting Companies in the market. Users can buy RDP machines to fulfill their needs.

Uses of RDP –

  • Browse securely

  • You can do virtually anything(legal) without compromising the security of your machine

  • Torrenting

  • Fast internet allows you to download and upload any big file

  • Transfer files to gdrive

  • Download files to any cloud without using your internet connection

  • Comes with 1Gbps Internet Speed

The advantages of RDP

  • A major benefit of using RDP is the ability to keep sensitive data secure on the device. Instead of relying on cloud platforms to safeguard your data, you may use the RDP to do it locally on your devices. The security of cloud platforms and other devices is deteriorating.

  • No need for a VPN: RDP does not require a virtual private network to transmit data. To transfer data from the remote desktop to the local desktop, it has an internet connection.

Workers at companies that have inherited on-premises IT infrastructure can now work remotely thanks to the Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP).


KayHosting have come up with a special offer for GFC Family. Get free Basic RDP* by following the steps given below –

  1. Signup on KayHosting

  2. After signing up, activate your affiliate account

  3. Copy your unique affiliate link

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  5. Get atleast 10 legit accounts to Signup on KayHosting

  6. After you have 10 signups, contact them using their contact page and send them your account details stating you have gotten 10 signups –

  7. They will verify your details and email your Basic RDP credentials on your email.

  8. Not only this, you even get 25% affiliate bonus on every conversion from your signup.



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