Fast Animation And Rigging Techniques Using Maya 2017


Fast animation and rigging techniques using Maya 2017

Learn to rig a biped character and animate a walk cycle for film, TV and video games for beginner Maya users


Created by Bhaumik Patel
Last updated 12/2017
English [Auto-generated]
What you’ll learn
  • Rig a biped using Human IK in Maya
  • Rig a character using Quick rig one click and step by step methods
  • Animate a walk cycle and tweak it to show more weight
  • Apply motion capture to Human IK and any other rig
  • Apply and retarget motion capture downloaded from the internet
  • Edit motion capture using the Time editor and Graph editor
  • Paint skin weights on characters with time saving tips
  • Basic knowledge of navigating Maya viewports
  • Selecting objects in Maya
  • Basic keyframe animation

Have you ever wanted to try your hand at animation? 

Modelled lots of characters but too intimidated by the rigging process? 

Do you want to bring life to your characters to use in game engines like Unity and Unreal?

Autodesk Maya is the hub of animation companies around the world thanks to its powerful and flexible toolset. In this course you will learn how to quickly prepare your 3d models for animation in a process called rigging. You will then animate a walk cycle. The Human IK system is the rig we will be using to bring our character to life. You will also learn more advanced topics like applying and editing motion capture to your characters. These techniques will allow you to quickly create great looking animation to your film,TV and video game projects. 

This course is specifically designed for beginner level but it is packed full of useful tips, tricks and tools to help more experienced users learn features that they are unfamiliar with. It covers some of the latest updates to the animation features in Maya including the new Graph editor, Quick rig and Time editor.

The skills covered in this course will not only allow you to create great work but also make you more attractive to employers for Animator, Pre-visualisation Artist, Technical Animator and 3d generalist jobs.

Take your first step into the exciting world of 3d animation today!

Who this course is for:
  • Ideal for anyone who wants to try 3d animation in Maya for the first time by animating a walk cycle
  • Artists who want to apply motion capture to any rig and edit the animation
  • Video game developers who want to quickly rig and animate biped characters in Maya
  • Experienced artist who want to update their skills with the latest animation features of Maya

Size: 970MB

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