We started using Gdrive accounts in 2019, but due to copyright claims the accounts were deleted. So we had to switch back to torrents, which we feel are the best way to share these courses due to copyright infringement. So, we request y’all to download courses which were uploaded after Feb 2020 as they are in torrent format.

Torrent is a P2P sharing network where multiple users upload the same files which they have downloaded. To gain deep knowledge into torrents, we suggest you to do a simple google search on what torrent is and learn the basic terminologies.

It because there are not many seeders in the particular torrent, however request all the users to seed the torrent at least once after they have finished downloading to keep the torrent healthy.

We seed our torrents for at least next 6 months after they have been uploaded on the site.

The only way you can get fast downloading speed it by downloading the latest uploaded course from our website related to your category. Cause that’s when you can take advantage from our seeding. We suggest you to turn on the push notifications to never miss out on any courses 😉

Short answer – Yes, we do.
We get thousands of requests everyday so it is difficult for us to read all requests in day. We expect you to have patience.

  1. Piyush Mishra says

    Sir, i am unable to download a course as it’s always stuck on 68MB.
    Course Name -Ethical hacking from scratch by z security

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