Ultimate Guide To Download UDEMY Courses For FREE- 2023


How To Download Udemy Courses For Free - Ultimate Guide 2021

Udemy is an online learning and teaching marketplace with over 130000 courses and 35 million students. In this article, you will learn how you can download udemy courses for free!

With the COVID-19 pandemic causing a projected loss of 195 million jobs, dismaying interruptions to education and a disproportionate impact on vulnerable groups, preparing young people to earn and thrive in a post-COVID world requires immediate attention.

We understand that many students are suffering through financial crisis, some of them have even lost their jobs due to COVID-19, so with the aim of “Free Education” we are going to see how you can download udemy courses for free and start upgrading your skill or learn new skills.

Just before going ahead with the post, I need you to just focus on one course that you think you will really need. I know that it will be too overwhelming for you to choose from so many top rated udemy courses, but trust me learning same skill from 2-3 courses isn’t worth it. I suggest you to just focus on one course and learn as much as you can. Just learn the fundamentals and keep on practicing. Practicing will really help you grow.

Step-By-Step Guide To Download Udemy FREE Courses:-


  • Laptop/Desktop
  • uTorrent or bitTorrent
  • Good Internet Connection
  1. First, you need to download and install a torrent client to download the courses. I think uTorrent is the best option you can get.
  2. Then select the udemy course you think you will really benefit from and copy the course name.
  3. Visit GetFreeCourses [GFC] – Download Udemy Courses For Free, paste the course name in the search box from the side widget.
  4. If the course is available on GFC it will appear on the screen. Just click on the post, read through it if you want and click on the “Download Tutorial” Button.
  5. A zip file will be download onto your system. Extract the zip file and double click on the .torrent file.
  6. uTorrent will show up, just select the course download location and click OK.
  7. Note: Downloading will depend on the number of seeder a particular course has.

We seed all our torrents for 10-12 days, so subscribe to our Post Notifications to get the fastest speed for downloading new courses. If a particular course is too popular among our GFC Family, we even seed it upto 30-40 days.

Like this course – 100 Days of Code – The Complete Python Pro Bootcamp for 2021

If you need to know more about Torrents, you can know more by clicking here.

Just before concluding, we would like you to know that we respect all the course instructors and we know that even they are doing all the hard work to make a living. Therefore, we won’t upload any courses which have less than 3000 students enrolled.

Share this with your friends and family you think will really benefit from UDEMY FREE COURSES!

Happy Learning and Stay Safe♥♥




  1. Afz Az says


    Can you upload “Ultimate AWS Certified Solutions Architect Professional 2023” by Stephane Maarek.

    This seems the most sought after course in AWS SAP certification. I did request for the course a month earlier, but did not find it on this site.

    Request you to upload the same.

  2. Afz Az says

    Thank you getfreecourses.co. Just saw a pop-up that you are shutting down. Request you to not to shutdown please. You are helping many.

  3. Erein says

    Hey can you please update durgasoft jdbc part 1 and part 2. I have been waiting since 2 weeks😔

  4. Fsr says

    Thanks !!

  5. Torrent Guy says

    Thank you for this work. Youre helping lots of people around the world!

  6. Andy says

    hi can you please upload updated selenium web driver automation testing by rahul shetty?

  7. R Singh says

    Why all repeated Courses, Pls put new Courses

  8. Dilip K says

    hi Admin,

    for months many new courses had not been uploaded /updated for 2022-23 onwards

  9. XYZ says

    Dead torrents. all of them. Either upload directly on a site where we can download directly or make sure the torrents are active.
    Thank you.

    1. GFC says

      We make sure our torrents are seeded for atleast 6 months or even more. To get high speeds, try subscribing to our push notification to get updates on new courses.

    2. Dave says

      Do you issue certificate for the courses?

  10. Khubaib irfan says

    Sir one week completed but course not uploaded.please upload course.I have very thankful for you.pls pls

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    Hey GFC Thankyou sooo much for this great work… i really appriciate you… you open too many opportunities for us to learn free PRO Udemy Courses

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    Can u please upload civil engineering courses?

  15. Yagnesh Chavda says

    Thank You,
    I Wasn’t Able To Purchase Course Because Of Financial Weaken…. Thank You getfreecourses.co

  16. frank says

    This is a great website. I have one request please start a telegram group. If there is some problem you can interact with us. Thank you

    1. GFC says

      Thanks, but it won’t be possible for us to manage a telegram channel. However, you can directly connect with us thru the contact us page. We read each and every mail!
      Happy Learning!

  17. Poor Guy says

    I want to thank you guys for dropping this tutorial to help poor people like me.

  18. Abi` says

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  19. Curious one says

    First of all you are doing great work during these tough times. I am just wondering your process of distributing Udemy courses for this website? I reckon you purchase specific courses and then download them by “magic trick”? Please share us your trick. There must be a way to “pirate” courses anonymously.

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