Build Internet Of Things With NodeMCU(Esp8266) & Micropython



Realise your Apps using various sensors(Temp, Humidity,Gas& Motion), displays(N5110,SSD1306), also Bind Apps to Google.

Internet of Things


What you’ll learn

  • How to create smart IOT applications over NodeMCU hardware Using MircroPython through PyCharm IDE ?
  • How to use PyCharm as IDE for Code Development & Flashing ?
  • How to use Vibration / Temperature / Humidity / Gas / LiDAR Sensors ?
  • How to use Adafruit, Thingspeak, apps for Analysis & Visualization of Data Grabbed from different Sensors ?
  • How to use Google Voice and IFTTT to make complex ” voice based device control ” applications simple ?
  • How to use LCD Display Interfaces like SSD1306, Nokia 5110 ?
  • What is JSON format and how to use it with IoT applications ?

Requirements – Internet of Things

  • Windows10 Computer
  • Little Knowledge on Basic Electronics
  • A Bread Board with a bunch of jumper wires and supply MB102(Optional) (Costs 4$)
  • ESP8266 NodeMCU-V3 Board(Costs 3$, where as a PyBoard costs you 10 times)
  • RGB LED(Costs 0.5$)
  • Motion Sensor SW420 (Costs 0.75$)
  • Temperature and Humidity Sensor DHT11(Costs:1$)
  • PyCharm(Free)
  • Urge to Complete Course
  • [For New Lectures] 128 x 64 OLED Display – SSD1306 (Costs 1$)
  • [For New Lectures] uLiDAR Moule – VL6180x (Costs 3$)
  • [For New Lectures] Nokia 5110 Display (Costs 1.7$)


UPDATE 8 : Project 8 How to Push Sensor Data to Google Sheets for Data Logging ? (based on Lab 4 and Project 7) – Internet of Things

UPDATE 7 : Project 7 from UPDATE 5 and 6 Labs, pushing notifications up on an alarming activity

UPDATE 6 : Using NodeMCU with Pushbullet for Push notification on Mobiles and other devices

UPDATE 5 : Using MQ135 Sensor for Gas Detection and Decision Making

UPDATE 4 : Using Nokia5110 Display with NodeMCU, Parsing JSON Data with NodeMCU, Creating a Weather Station Dashboard using NodeMCU and Nokia 5110 Display

UPDATE 3: Using LiDAR for IOT Apps, A lecture on Gesture recognition using VL6180x is added to bonus lectures, vl6180x from STMicroElectronics is a popular sensor for mobile phones, which can also be used for IOT Apps, Have a look for new Ideas – Internet of Things

Size: 2.18GB


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