Advanced Hardware and PCB Design Masterclass 2022 -EsteemPCB


Advanced Hardware and PCB Design Masterclass 2022 -EsteemPCB

Advanced Hardware Design Course Part-1 RK3399 COB (LPDDR4 SDRAM, WIFI/BT, EMMC, PMIC, 260 Pin DDR4 System on Module)

Advanced Hardware and PCB Design Masterclass 2022

What you’ll learn

  • How to Extract Selection information from Requirement Sheet for Processor, SDRAMs, EMMC, WIFI/BT modules etc.
  • How to Choose a Processor by Defining its No. of Core, Cache, Bandwidth, Clock requirements.
  • Different Architecture of Processor for Ex. Little-big, and Memory Organization.
  • Types of Internal and External SDRAMs (DDRX, LPDDRX, and their Enhanced versions).
  • Comparisons of External SDRAMs up-to DDR5 and LPDDR5
  • Different Signal Groups of SDRAM (Data, Address & command, Control and Clock Groups)
  • Develop a Set Procedure on selection of SDRAM, PMIC, EMMC, WIFI Module, Processor for Mobile Application.
  • How to Read the Datasheet of Different components used in this Board RK3399, 2GB LPDDR4 SDRAM, 16GB EMMC, PMIC, WIFI/BT Module etc.
  • Pin Mapping of SDRAM, EMMC, SDIOs, MIPIs, EDPs, Type-C, USB3.0 & 2.0, SDMMC etc. with RK3399 on a Simple Excel Sheet.
  • How to Design the Schematic of Processor, SDRAM, EMMC, WIFI, PMIC using their Respective datasheets and Design Guidelines Documents.
  • Discussion of Different WIFI/BT Module Certification and Regulation as per US, Europe, Canada etc.
  • Impedance Profile Planning of More than 1000 interconnects on a Excel Sheet.
  • Layer Stack up (4/6/8/12L), Finish the Components Placement Planning and its Execution.
  • Layout Planning, Preliminary Layout, High Speed Design Rules and Length Matching, Power Plane Planning by Sections, Optimization of Layout Loop-1 and Loop-2
  • FAN-OUT of #828 Balls of RK3399, #200 Balls of LPDDR4 SDRAM and #180 Balls of EMMC.


  • Student should have Understanding of Board Design.
  • Student should have Completed the Complex Mixed Signal Board Design Course.
  • Student should have Patience and Determination to complete the course which has more than 10,000 interconnects and Lot of Dense Components to route.
  • For this course Student should have “Altium Designer” Installed on their PC / Laptop
  • You do not need any prior knowledge of “Altium Designer” because we’ll going to do everything from scratch.


I have Divided this Course into #13 Different Sections Under Each Section You will find Multiple Lessons:

  • Section 1: Discuss the Requirement sheet and Processor RK3399 Datasheet in very detail.
  • Section 2: How to Choose an SDRAM (SDR/DDRX/LPDDRX) ? from Very Scratch and Its Pin Mapping and Schematic Design From Datasheet.
  • Section 3: Selection and Schematic Design of PMIC (Power Management IC) in very Details.
  • Section 4: EMMC (Embedded Multimedia Card) Chip Selection, Pin Mapping, and Schematic Design.
  • Section 5: WIFI/BT Module Selection, Certification (US/EU/CA), Selection, and Schematic Design.
  • Section 6: Selection of External LDO/DC-DC/Buck-Boost and Their Schematic Design in very Details.
  • Section 7: Schematic Design of RK3399, Pin Mapping and Impedances Planning on Schematic through Net-Classes.
  • Section 8: Layer Stack up(4/6/8/12L), Finish the Components Placement Planning and its Execution Part-1
  • Section 9: Components Placement Planning and its Execution Part-2
  • Section 10: Components Placement Planning and its Execution Part-3
  • Section 11: Layout Planning, Preliminary Layout, High-Speed Design Rules and Length Matching, Power Plane Planning by Sections, Optimization of Layout Part-1
  • Section 12, 13: Power Plane Planning by Sections, Optimization of Layout.

Major Schematic Blocks that I have designed in this course are Project Block Diagram, “Power Budget Block Diagram”, “Power Supply Schematic for RK3399”, “PMUIO Schematic Block of RK3399”, “EMMC/PCIe/ADC Schematic for RK3399”, “EDP/MIPI-DSI/HDMI Schematic for RK3399”, “Type-C/USB3.0/USB2.0 Hosts Schematic for RK3399”, “MIPI-CSI/GPIOs/I2C Schematic of RK3399”, “MII/RMII/GMII/RGMII Schematic for RK3399”, “SDR/DDRx/LPDDRx Schematic For RK3399”, “PMIC/DC-DC/LDOs/Buck-Boost for RK3399” and many more various subparts you will learn in this course as you can see on the curriculum sections and their lessons – Advanced Hardware and PCB Design Masterclass 2022

You will also learn some basic hardware designing blocks as well as You will also learn some Basic Blocks as well:

  • Pre-Schematic Design Blocks (Block Diagram and Power Budget)
  • Layer Stack-up Selection and Rules for Defining any Stack-up
  • Different Grounding Techniques( Signal Grounding, Earth Grounding, Chassis Grounding)
  • Power Distribution Network Analysis (PDN Analysis) of any PCB.
  • and many more things.
  • Ferrite Bead, ESD Diodes, and Magnetic Application and their selection.
  • How to do Placement and Layout Planning on Microsoft-Paint and many more.

After the completion of this course, you can design any “Processor Board” without any Simulation models and third-party support.

Who this course is for:

  • People who have Intermediate experience with Hardware design and want to learn it
  • People Who want to Learn High-Speed Board Design
  • People who want to learn PCB designing
  • People who want to Learn How to Select Components out of millions of chip available
  • People Who wan to Learn How Create a Board on Altium Designer.
  • People who want to enhance their Electronic Hardware Designing Skills.
  • People want to Learn Impedance Profile, Length Matching, High-Speed Design Rules, Complex Layout, Advanced Layout Design etc.

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Last updated 03/2022
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